Watch Ronaldo get nutmegged in training and try to play it off

Cristiano Ronaldo just won The Best FIFA Men’s Player 2016 award a couple days ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s subject to special treatment in training. Madrid had a light session ahead of their Copa del Rey match against Sevilla on Thursday, and they finished with a game of rondo, where Fabio Coentrao managed to nutmeg his Portugal teammate.

He doesn’t get him clean, and Ronaldo (being Ronaldo) tries to wave it off like it doesn’t count. You can’t stop the tide of a nutmeg though, and the whole team gasses it up, so his protestations go unheard. It counts. And he gets clowned.

Ronaldo’s clearly upset, and he even tries to show where the ball hit him to claim it wasn’t clean, so it doesn’t count.

You know, according to the nutmeg rules.

Doesn’t matter, and his teammates roast him for it anyway. When he finally gets out of the circle, he’s clearly still upset, and he pulls a Zlatan-esque kick out against Coentrao just to let him know “hey man. I know where you live. Don’t ever meg me again.”

It’s clearly all jokes, but it’s still hilarious to see just how competitive Ronaldo is, and just how much his teammates know they can get under his skin. Amazing.