Watch Ronaldo freak out after Ricardo Quaresma pranks him


Ricardo Quaresma and Ronaldo have a launched into a prank war against each other and it looks like it could just reach epic proportions. Most recently, Quaresma scared the pants off the Real Madrid legend on the set of his new boot launch:

It was retaliation for this prank last year when Ronaldo kicked everything off. He pranked Quaresma by covering his entire car in tinfoil to help promote his new CR7 boot with Nike.

The Besiktas winger has been biding his time, waiting for a chance to get him back, and he got his chance during the filming of a commercial for Ronaldo's newest release. He seems pretty pleased with himself.

It's all in good fun, and clearly a marketing ploy, with both Ronaldo and Quaresma conveniently sponsored by Nike, but Ronaldo's surprise definitely looks genuine. He takes it all in good fun, and we all get a nice laugh at CR7's expense. It's a win-win. Hopefully we get to see more genuine pranks, even if it's in the name of corporate branding.