Watch Paul Pogba take it to the next level, celebrate with a dab before he even scores

Paul Pogba joined forces with Juan Cuadrado to put on a celebrity match for charity, launching his own Pogba Foundation with his brothers Matias and Florentin in the process. With a number of Colombian footballing luminaries, including David Ospina (who scored a beautiful free kick of his own), it was a celebratory mood, and the players duly entertained the audience.

Despite the number of stars on hand, Paul Pogba was clearly the biggest draw, and he didn’t disappoint. He took his celebrations to the next level in the charity match, strolling past the opposition goalkeeper with ease to score, and pulling out his signature dab before the ball even rolled over the goal line.

The dab is dead when Pogba says it’s dead, and not a day before.

We don’t make the rules, we just abide by them.