Watch Oscar miss two penalty kicks in 11 minutes in a pricey loss for Shanghai

When Shanghai SIPG signed Oscar last year, the Chinese club was making a big bet on the former Chelsea midfielder. They reportedly paid as much as £500,000 per week and they were expecting he’d score goals to make it worth their while.

But Tuesday wasn’t a shining moment for Oscar in that regard. He missed two penalty kicks in the span of 11 minutes in a 1-0 loss to the Urawa Reds during AFC Champions League. Take a look:

Ouch. In his first attempt, he practically telegraphed to the goalkeeper exactly which way he was shooting, but the second one was a disaster and the shot wasn’t even close.

Oscar looks like he wants to dig a hole and the corner flag and hide in it, and who could blame him? If Oscar scored just one of those penalties, he would’ve salvaged points for Shanghai, and instead they walked away with a loss.

This goes to show that just because you paid an absurd amount of money for a player, that doesn’t mean they are going to win you games. Shanghai is learning that one the hard way.