Watch Neymar get tackled to ground by elusive pitch invaders at Brazil practice


Neymar was already Brazil’s most popular active footballer before winning his country their first ever soccer Olympic gold last month, but the admiration has only seemed to grow since.

The Barcelona star can’t even go to a practice session in Brazil anymore without a slew of adoring fans doing whatever it takes to get close to the man. Check out what happened during Brazil training ahead of their next World Cup qualifier against Colombia:

Pause the video in the very beginning. You can count at least eight or nine fans who are already being taken off the pitch by security, while even more supporters are gunning for Neymar. Give these fans credit. They knew the staff couldn’t possibly stop them all, and they didn't. The two slipperiest pitch invaders did make it to their hero, promptly bear-hugging him and taking him to ground for a lengthy, uncomfortable embrace.

You kind of feel for Neymar here, but then you remember he dyed his hair Lionel Messi blond and deserves at least some of this.