Watch Neymar hilariously fall on his butt trying to pull off a juggling trick

Neymar’s been one of the best players in the world for a couple years now, and he’s been almost unstoppable this season. You could probably count the number of more skillful players in the game on one hand, and we’ve seen just how much sauce he has over and over throughout the years.

That’s what makes this fail so much better.

Appearing on Neymar’s Instagram story, it looks like the little Brazilian’s doing some tricks for a commercial. He tries to bust out an around-the-world and ends up stepping on the ball, busting his tailbone and collapsing in a pile of laughter.

As funny as it is, he really could’ve ended up getting hurt, and it’s pretty lucky that he ends up in tears of laughter and not real ones.

Now that we know he’s fine, we can proceed to replay this video over and over and enjoy all the fruits of Neymar’s fail. Schadenfreude is fun. Say it with me. Schadenfreude. Is. Fun.