Watch England and Spain go toe-to-toe in Mannequin Challenge

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

England and Spain played out a 2-2 friendly draw on Wednesday, with Adam Lallana and Jamie Vardy's early strikes for England canceled out by Iago Aspas and Isco. The real battle on the day wasn't the 90+ minutes the two teams played out on the pitch, but the Mannequin Challenge each team pulled off on the day.

First, Vardy and his Three Lions compatriots celebrated making it 2-0 with an impromptu rendition on the field.

It's a solid effort, especially in the moment.

Spain, fresh off ruining England's celebrations with their two late goals, waited till the locker room to unveil their version of the challenge. And it's well worth it.

There's so much going on here. Is that Jose Callejon getting fed via syringe? Yup, looks like it. And are those … is that … fruit genitalia?


As the unofficial judge of today's Mannequin Challenges, I have to rule in favor of Spain, just by virtue of the pure weirdness that's going on here. Have this imaginary award I just made up, España. Well done.