Watch a goalkeeper rescue a seagull that was hit by the ball


The FFA Cup final between Melbourne City and Sydney FC was some seagulls' favorite playground on Wednesday, as the birds spent much of the match circling the field. And one unsuspecting seagull found out that a cup final is a dangerous place for a bird to hang out, but luckily for him, Sydney FC goalkeeper Danny Vukovic came to his rescue.

It's hard out there for a seagull, just trying to make his way in life, grab some food and find some open space to hang out. A stadium is perfect for that, except for the risk of getting hit in the face. But this was a tough seagull and he was willing to take a hit.

Melbourne City went on to win the match, 1-0, which seems like a pretty unfair result. Yeah, they scored a goal and Sydney didn't, but Sydney's goalkeeper was willing to put the match on hold to rescue a living being. That should be worth at least one goal, maybe two or three.