Warnock wants abuse clampdown

The QPR manager sympathises with Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, who

has been charged with improper conduct by the FA. It is alleged

Suarez made an offensive gesture at supporters after the final

whistle of Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat at Fulham on Monday night. Suarez

was targeted by Fulham fans who felt he was going down too easily

in the game and Warnock, who takes QPR to Anfield on Saturday,

insists action must also be taken against the source of the taunts.

“The FA should look into the chants by crowds and fine Premier

League clubs if they give individual players so much abuse as they

have done with Suarez,” he said. “If you’re going to do the player,

they should also look into where these chants come from and look at

fining the people or clubs concerned. “It’s getting ridiculous now,

there’s nothing done about the chants that managers and players

receive. “I’d be tempted to do what Suarez did. If the FA don’t

take any action and then they get another Suarez situation, I’ll

understand why it’s happened. “Fans can do anything they want but

as soon as a player reacts, he gets into trouble. That’s the

standard I detest. “It’s all right saying it’s too many people to

arrest, but if clubs allow groups of people to say anything they

want, the FA or Premier League should fine the clubs. “We shouldn’t

tolerate it. If it was racial abuse there’d be uproar. “I think

it’s just as bad when you’re talking about someone’s family. We

shouldn’t accept it.” Warnock rates Suarez, Liverpool’s

£22.8million signing from Ajax, as the best forward in the

Premier League alongside David Silva of Manchester City. “I was

hoping Suarez was going to be banned for on Saturday, purely for

selfish reasons!” he said. “He’s one of the best strikers in the

Premier League. Him and David Silva have been the two outstanding

forwards this season. “He’s so enthusiastic and determined. He’s

made to measure for the English game. He’s a fabulous player. He

dives a bit, but you get that.” Liverpool, Manchester United and

Arsenal feature among QPR’s next five fixtures and Warnock is eager

to impress against the big guns – starting at Anfield on Saturday.

“It’s a feeling of excitement when we play these teams. In years

gone by it would have been trepidation and fear, but it’s not like

that any more,” he said. “It’s the thrill of playing big clubs with

a team that you know can give a good account of themselves. I just

hope we play as well as we can. “We won’t go to Anfield and sit

back, we’ll try and give them a game. “Liverpool have improved of

late as those two wins against Chelsea show. They look a lot more

fluid and stronger at the back.” Warnock insists he holds no grudge

against Liverpool for knocking Sheffield United out of the Premier

League in 2007 when we was the Blades manager. However, he remains

bitter at former Reds boss Rafael Benitez for picking a weakened

side against relegation-threatened Fulham. Liverpool lost the game

1-0 and United ultimately went down. “I was disappointed in

Benitez, I don’t hold a grudge against Liverpool. Liverpool is a

fabulous club,” he said. “I’ve always got on with the previous

people and Kenny Dalglish is fantastic, how much would he be worth?

“But I’ll never forgive Benitez for playing what wasn’t even a

reserve team. “I’d understand it if the Champions League was the

following week, but it was 18 days away. He didn’t give two hoots.

“You don’t ever forget things like that. I’ll always remember that.

“Fulham will as well because they’ve stayed in the Premier League

ever since and they were the worst team in the division. “Benitez

sent me an e-mail once saying that if I mentioned it again he’d

take me to court. “Hopefully he’ll be back in the game soon!”

Warnock refuses to condemn Suarez for diving, the complaint Fulham

fans had of the Uruguay striker on Monday night. “It’s just the

culture. I wish we’d got it,” he said. “I wish (QPR) striker Jamie

Mackie would go down like him. “I’ve given Jamie a couple of videos

and told him to watch Suarez, how he looks for the leg. “Jamie

Mackie stumbles on and tries to score.” When asked if he admires

Mackie’s honesty, Warnock replied sarcastically: “Fantastic.”