Warnock admires Delia’s Canaries

Warnock, who takes his side to Carrow Road for Saturday’s Premier

League clash, was interviewed for the position in 1998. Bruce Rioch

was the Norwich board’s preferred choice, but Warnock bears no

grudges. “Delia’s a wonderful woman. Norwich is a great club, I

like the area,” he said. “I once went for an interview at Norwich.

Bruce Rioch got the job, it was a few years ago. “They gave me a

40-page dossier to fill in before I got there. I knew I was

struggling after the first question from one of old guys sat around

the table. “He looked at me and said ‘Neil, do you think your style

of football will go down well with the Norwich fans?’. “I took a

deep breath and looked around the table one by one and said, ‘What

do you mean – winning? I think they’ll enjoy that! “Then I thought

‘You haven’t got this job pal’. “Delia was around then, though she

wasn’t in charge (she is now majority shareholder). I rib her about

it now and then, especially when they were struggling.”