Visually impaired soccer player scores incredible solo goal at Rio Paralympics


Who says you need to be able to see to score golazos like Lionel Messi?

Iran's Behzad Zadaliasghari sure doesn’t. Check out the impeccable ball control and tidy finish from the visually impaired Paralympian as he scored what has to be the goal of the Paralympic Games in Rio.

Um, WOW. I have 20/20 vision and I couldn’t dream of doing something like this.

There are two types of soccer played at the Paralympic Games – one is 7-a-side for players with cerebral palsy, while this competition is 5-a-side with all outfield players visually impaired and wearing shades so they are completely blind. A noise-making device is installed in the ball and coaches are allowed to shout verbal instructions to help the players locate the ball, but that doesn’t make what Zadaliasghari did on Sunday any less impressive.

He still had to weave his way past the entire Morocco team, the ball seemingly glued to his feet, then rifle his shot past the goalkeeper, who is allowed to see. We know Messi can score penalty kicks blindfolded, but even he would have trouble replicating this piece of skill.

Iran won the match 2-0, and face Brazil in their final round robin game before the top two teams in each group advance to the semifinals.