Vela treatment angers Hodgson

The Baggies head coach fears he may not be available for Saturday’s

home Premier League clash with Liverpool. Hodgson is upset Vela had

to undertake a 12,000-mile round trip to play in two friendly

internationals with Paraguay and Venezuela and did not play a major

role in either game. The on-loan Arsenal player may not arrive back

in England until Friday morning and Hodgson is concerned about what

physical condition Vela will be in, plus the effects of jet lag.

Hodgson told the Birmingham Mail: “I think it is disastrous to have

players go away for friendly matches for the length of time it

takes to go to Mexico. “I’m not confident Carlos will come back in

the right physical condition. “I believe he has not played much for

Mexico so I think from his personal viewpoint, as a West Brom

player, this has been nothing but negative. “I can’t see anything

positive about him being away for such a long period of time – but

I can’t stop him going.” Hodgson does not expect much sympathy from

the Mexican FA. He said: “They make sympathetic noises but then

immediately forget you have phoned because they are not interested.

“They’re interested in Mexico. They don’t care about West Brom and

couldn’t care less whether we go stay up or go down.”