VDV fears losing Harry

Spurs boss Redknapp is a hot candidate to succeed Fabio Capello in

the role when the Italian steps down after next summer’s European

Championship. Van der Vaart wants the 64-year-old to remain at

White Hart Lane but concedes it will be no surprise if he is

snapped up by England. “I hope Harry is going to stay but, to be

honest, I think he is maybe the right man for the [England] job,”

the Dutchman told The Guardian. “The players would accept him …

and especially, the people in England, everybody loves him, so I

think it is going to be a good move from the England organisation.

“It would be bad for Tottenham but somebody else would come.” Van

der Vaart has not hesitated in disagreeing with Redknapp’s

decisions in the past, most notably when the manager did not

register him for Spurs’ Europa League campaign due to injury. The

attacking midfielder believes the fact he feels comfortable enough

to be honest with Redknapp only underlines his capability as a

manager. “When your relationship is good, you can tell somebody the

truth,” he added. “It’s better to do it like this. To go to him and

talk about it rather than go behind his back or say something in

the newspapers. You always have to be honest. “You get to a certain

point and then you say, ‘Listen, I don’t like it’. I think it’s a

good thing and I also go home happy. You are not frustrated.”