Van Persie in love with Gunners

Four teams – believed to be Chelsea, Manchester City, Juventus and

Inter Milan – expressed interest in the Holland international, but

he revealed: “It’s not as easy to leave Arsenal as you maybe

think.” The Gunners are without a trophy since winning the 2005 FA

Cup – to date van Persie’s only major trophy with the club and a

statistic which contributed to the departures of players including

Mathieu Flamini. But van Persie, who signed from Feyenoord in 2004,

told the News of the World: “It is good that four teams were really

interested in me but I had to turn them down. “Even if you want to

leave, as a player, I don’t think it is easy because when you move

to Arsenal you are led there by your heart.” Van Persie has been

out since November with an ankle injury incurred while playing for

Holland and he believes his fitness record has hindered his

development into a great of the game. “Everything starts with your

fitness and some players are lucky like that,” the 26-year-old

added. “I hate it but I can’t do anything about it because this is

my situation. “When you look at great players, they are always fit,

always sharp. “When you play 50 games a season, you can score more

goals and get more assists, so it follows that you are more

important to the team.”