Van Persie denies outburst

The Holland international, who is preparing for match against

Brazil on Saturday, was quoted in his homeland as criticising the

supposed gamesmanship of some clubs. Van Persie supposedly said

that Chelsea players were ‘always bitching’, while he was also

quoted as saying Barcelona ‘nag’ to match officials. But on Friday

evening the forward released a statement via Arsenal’s official

website in which he described the quotes as false. Van Persie said:

“I’m on international duty at the moment, but following several

reports in the media I think it’s important to clarify some recent

comments attributed to me. “These reports falsely suggest that I

recently made negative comments about Spanish and Chelsea players,

I would like to make it perfectly clear that I haven’t done an

interview with Sport 1 or any other outlet in recent weeks and I’ve

certainly not been rude as the comments suggest. “I respect my

colleagues of Spain and Chelsea and look forward to playing against

them for many years to come. “I sincerely hope that all football

fans worldwide don’t take these misleading reports seriously.”