Valencia: Singapore tycoon Peter Lim wants club

Valencia president Amadeo Salvo said Sunday that Singapore

businessman Peter Lim was interested in buying the financially

troubled club.

Salvo told Spanish media that ”Peter Lim’s offer is


Salvo said Lim’s offer includes paying off Valencia’s debt and

money to spend on new players.

Lim placed a deadline of Jan. 15 for the club and its creditors

to decide, Salvo said.

”The club has to sell for a price between 200 and 250 million

euros,” said Salvo. ”The new investor has to eliminate the debt

we have with the bank, invest in players, promise to finish the new

stadium and to let the club be run by the people of Valencia. Lim’s

offer meets all these requirements.”

The 60-year-old Lim has a net worth of $2.05 billion, according

to Forbes.

Valencia is one of seven Spanish clubs being investigated by the

European Union for allegedly receiving illegal public aid.