Uruguayan president attacks FIFA; calls Suarez’s 4-month ban ‘fascist’

Uruguayan president Jose Mujica has called FIFA "a bunch of old sons of b*****s" in another attack on football’s world governing body following Luis Suarez’s lengthy ban for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

The 79-year-old also described the Liverpool striker’s four-month suspension from all football, plus nine international matches and a £65,000 fine, as a "fascist ban".

Mujica, who had said previously that Suarez was being punished by FIFA because of his humble background, continued his verbal assault at a reception for the Uruguay team after they returned home from the World Cup following their 2-0 defeat to Colombia in the last 16.

Asked by a journalist what his lasting memory of the World Cup would be, Mujica said: "FIFA are a bunch of old sons of b*****s."

The president then covered his mouth to feign shock at what he had just said, but when asked by the journalist if he wanted to rectify his comments, he responded: "Publish it."

Mujica then conceded that Suarez deserved to be punished for his bite on Chiellini during last week’s World Cup Group D clash in Natal – the third such incident in the Uruguay striker’s professional career – but criticized the severity of the ban.

"They could have punished him, but not given him this fascist ban," added Mujica.

The Uruguay football federation has informed FIFA it will appeal against Suarez’s ban.

On Saturday, it emerged that Suarez’s defense against a charge of biting an opponent was that he lost his balance and hit his face on Chiellini’s shoulder. Those claims were dismissed by FIFA’s seven-man disciplinary committee before imposing the punishment on the 27-year-old.