US senator Schumer demands FIFA to release Garcia’s ethics report

United States senator Charles Schumer has demanded Sepp Blatter release the full Garcia Report as his first act after being re-elected as FIFA president.

The report on alleged corruption in the World Cup bidding process, published in 2014, is yet to be seen by the public and FIFA’s self-produced summary was criticized by former US attorney Garcia as "incomplete" and filled with "erroneous representations of the facts and conclusions."

Schumer made a statement moments after it was confirmed Blatter had been elected as FIFA president for a fifth term, beating sole rival Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, who withdrew before a second ballot was started. The run-up to the FIFA Congress in Zurich on Friday was dominated by news of the arrest of a number of FIFA officials on further allegations of corruption within football’s governing body.

"Sepp Blatter’s first act in new term should be to release the Garcia report. Fans have waited long enough," Schumer said. "With all we know now about FIFA’s corruption, collusion, and cronyism, it’s high time for this internal report to be released. If President Blatter doesn’t release the un-redacted report he deserves a red card."

Schumer added: "The public has a right to see the full Garcia report to fully understand what is going on behind the curtain at FIFA. Until the public is satisfied that a full accounting has been made of the allegations that FIFA officials accepted bribes in exchange for sponsorships or the selection of international tournament locations, a cloud of corruption will hang over the organization.

"Failure to release the full report to the general public demonstrates only a superficial commitment to ending corruption. To repair the damage caused by rampant allegations of corruption within the organization and diminishing public trust, FIFA must release the complete report."