Twitter warning from Gabbidon

The 31-year-old QPR defender was fined £6,000 and warned about

his future conduct in May following comments posted on his Twitter

account. Gabbidon was handed an improper conduct charge by the

Football Association for a foul-mouthed message in the wake of his

side’s 2-1 defeat to Aston Villa. The Wales international is not

the only player to find himself in trouble for his tweets, with the

likes of former team-mate Carlton Cole and ex-Liverpool attacker

Ryan Babel also reprimanded by the FA. Barton may not have fallen

foul of the governing body but now looks set to leave Newcastle

following a stream of comments made on the social networking

website. Gabbidon admits it is easy to get yourself in trouble on

Twitter and has warned his fellow professionals to tread carefully

when expressing their thoughts. “At the minute the way things are

going with the social networking websites, everybody is involved in

them these days and everybody is watching them,” he said. “You do

have to be kind of careful these days and watch what you say, as I

found out myself. “It is something that managers are now having to

talk to teams about and their players about, which was obviously

never the case before. “Managers having to tell careful about what

they say and that is a bit strange because social networking

websites were never around a few years ago. “It is something that

has come into the game, though, and it is something that younger

players especially have to be a bit more wary about. “It can be

quite easy to get yourself into trouble on there but it is just

something you have to be a bit careful with. “As I say, managers

are now getting on top of that and making sure that players are not

saying things untoward.” While Gabbidon says he is unlikely to

return to the social network, the QPR defender admits the subject

has been raised by boss Neil Warnock. Some club’s managers clubs

have banned their players from using Twitter and the R’s boss has

warned his squad to be contentious. “I don’t think I will be going

back on there,” added Gabbidon. “I think I am probably best to

leave that alone and leave it to the youngsters. “[Warnock] did

make a little mention of it when we were away, I think it might

have been when we were in Italy. “He was just kind of saying be

careful what you are saying because people are always watching it.

“Players do forget sometimes as they want to express their feelings

and that is an easy way to do it, but you do have to be a bit

careful with that kind of stuff.”