Trotters boss sticks to his guns

Megson was reported to have become embroiled in a dressing-room

bust-up with Jlloyd Samuel during a half-time rant at his players

in the 2-1 defeat at Wolves nine days ago. Megson has confirmed an

exchange of views took place with Samuel, but suggestions of

anything more than that have been slammed as “scurrilous”, with the

manager convinced they have come from someone he feels is intent on

rocking the boat. Asked whether the informant was someone within

club and whether any disciplinary action would be taken, Megson

replied: “That’s my problem.” Megson, though, will always make his

views known to his players whether it upsets them or not. “I’m the

first to praise the players when they do something right, and the

first to have a go when it’s not right,” said Megson. “I will say

what I think, and if somebody does something wrong, I will say

something about it. “If they (the players) have an issue, then I

don’t mind anybody coming back to me and disagreeing.” It has

emerged Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger gave his players a

dressing-down during the interval of their game at Liverpool,

sparking a 2-1 victory from a 1-0 deficit. Megson believes such

treatment is required from time to time, and that will never

change. “Sometimes you do what’s needed, and if that’s what is

required to lift the level then you do it, if not then you do

something else,” added Megson ahead of Tuesday’s crunch showdown at

home to West Ham. “But it’s been going on since the game started,

and it will keep going on.” Megson feels suggestions of a spat with

Samuel have been designed to undermine him at a time when he and

Bolton are fighting for their lives in the Premier League. Former

England manager Steve McClaren has been linked with a move to

Bolton, if Megson moves on. Megson said: “What went on with Jlloyd

at Wolves was a professional thing in terms of an incident I saw on

the pitch on which I was proven right. “Jlloyd didn’t think I was

right, but he was shown a DVD of it at the time, and I was proven

to be right. End of story. Finished. “I feel I’ve every right to

say what I feel; Jlloyd has his right to say what he feels, as does

everybody else. “It happened again on Saturday against Manchester

City. I had a go at one of our players I thought should be doing

better, and it will happen again tomorrow against West Ham. “But

I’ve no problem with Jlloyd, I’ve no problems with any player, and

they’ve no problem with me.” Megson insists the story managed to

get into the public domain “for a reason” and that it was leaked

“on purpose”. “I was disappointed when I saw it, but I’m not

surprised at where it’s come from,” remarked Megson. “I know who

has put it in there, I know why it was put in there, and no good

can come from c**p like that. “The stuff that was in it, most of it

was scurrilous, was deemed to cause problems, but it wasn’t true.

“There was a load of rubbish in it, and I’m trying to see if there

is anything I can do about it. “Whether I want to do anything about

it, I’m not sure, but the advice I’m getting is you have to judge

comment from where it comes. “At the end of the day it’s nothing to

do with Bolton, nothing to do with football. “It won’t make any

great difference, certainly not to myself, and if there are any

people out there thick enough to believe in those kind of things,

then fine.” Megson is without Gavin McCann for the visit of the

Hammers due to a knee injury, while Ricardo Gardner is struggling

with illness. Ivan Klasnic, the two-goal hero against City, is

available despite limping off late on with a hip problem.