Tottenham Hotspur’s costumes for the team Christmas party were amazing

Tottenham Hotspur had a Christmas party on Sunday, which is pretty normal. Lots of teams have Christmas parties and, because players like to spend the holiday with their families, teams usually have them a few days ahead of time.

What made Spurs’ party special was they all decided to get into costume. That’s hardly novel, but it isn’t the norm and Tottenham had some especially great costumes.

To the surprise of no one, best friends Dele Alli and Eric Dier are side-by-side. Harry Winks and Moussa Dembele are right in the middle and Christian Eriksen makes an excellent Harry Potter. Hugo Lloris towering over everyone is a nice touch too.

The best costume probably goes to Harry Kane, though. And it was not easy to make Bane look so good.

If there was a Best Costume award, Kane would definitely deserve it. He worked for it. And it is appropriate that Kane be the star even of the team’s Christmas party.