Lazio striker Ciro Immobile shows FIFA 17 addiction, ignores wife to play


FIFA 17 can be wildly addicting. There are myriad game modes, and if you win, lose, or draw, there's always another match just waiting for you after the last one ends. It's really easy to get caught up for hours, ignoring everyday duties, friends and loved ones. Italy and Lazio striker Ciro Immobile clearly isn't immune, and it looks like his wife is suffering from the same frustration many significant others around the world are.

That's Immobile, knee-deep in a clearly very important match of FIFA. So important, he either can't hear his wife or is simply too engrossed in the game to even acknowledge her existence.

“Love…” she tries. “Guess what he's doing? He doesn't even hear me… LOVE!”


This game's made multi-millionaire superstar Immobile look just like every other FIFA-crazed joystick jockey out there in his or her own little virtual world. Amazing.

Also, side note: Ciro, you couldn't get a better gaming chair? This is disgraceful, man. You're gonna get a back spasm sitting on that little stool. Do better.



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