This young player’s pump-up speech will give you goosebumps


Get ready to run through a wall. Maximiliano Pariente, a player in Newell's Old Boys youth side, pumped his team up with this amazing pregame speech as the youngsters looked to become champions in the Decima Divison.

“Today, we gift triumph to ourselves,” Pariente says as translated by Copa90. “Today, everyone on the pitch gives everything. I want us all to hug after this match no matter the result and that we can tell ourselves that we gave everything for this shirt,” he shouts with a tug of the Newell's crest on his chest.

“Because it is the greatest in all of Rosario! Come on!”


Impassioned speeches are a part of sports legend, but it's not very often that we see a kid delivering one with such intensity. It belongs in films alongside Al Pacino in “Any Given Sunday” or Sylvester Stallone in any of the “Rocky” movies. The speech might have done the trick, too, as Newell's Old Boys were crowned champions.