This silky scorpion kick is the surprise best goal of the week

When it comes to scoring jaw-dropping goals, can anything beat a scorpion kick? Bicycle kicks, half-field shots, back heels – they are all great, but something about the scorpion kick seems to defy physics.

That’s why the best soccer highlight to come out of this week may just be a scorpion kick that was appropriately scored by Ferrol Racing’s Bicho, a Spanish word that translates to “bug.”

Check it out:

We’ve watched this over and over, but we’re still not exactly sure how Bicho pulled this one off. It’s almost too perfect, the way his teammate goes to ground and is there to pop the ball up for Bicho.

Ferrol Racing didn’t exactly need the goal – they beat C.D. Palencia with a 4-1 final score – but we’re sure glad they scored it. Goals don’t get much more sumptuous than that.

Take a bow, Bicho. You’ve earned it.