This screaming volley was hit from so far away the camera almost couldn’t follow it

Atletico Pueblonuevo don’t make the headlines very often. The Spanish fourth-division club plays in a 150-person capacity ground, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone from outside the town who can name a player in the side.

But now? They can hang their hat on Miguel Angel Tive and this cannonball of a strike from Sunday.

Pueblonuevo may have lost 2-1 on the day, but this goal from Tive will live on forever in memory and on the internet.

It’s the type of goal every player who steps on the pitch dreams of, and a tiny percentage ever actually even get the opportunity to try. To put it on goal, and then see it actually come off in a real live match? Magic. The volley’s so good, the camera man can barely even track it as he pans across the pitch. Still, credit to the person behind the lens, they managed to capture it all, and preserve this moment for the rest of history.

Bravo to all involved.