This high-flying rocket volley from Copa Libertadores is pure poetry

When you play for a club called The Strongest, you better deliver – and Alejandro Chumacero did just that in Copa Libertadores on Thursday.

The Strongest routed Wanderers pretty easily in the fixture, but it was a flying volley from Chumacero that was the highlight of a 4-0 win:

With a long lofted cross coming at Chumacero, he went for the highest degree of difficult and flash: He tracked the ball, launched into the air and fired an emphatic volley. The placement was excellent and goalkeeper Martín Rodríguez could only throw his hands up at his backline.

Chumacero is a holding midfielder and he is only 5-foot-4, but that is the beauty of soccer – anyone on the field can produce magic at any moment.

The second-best part of the highlight may be how perfectly the teams’ names summed up the result. The Wanderers of Uruguay looked a bit lost and The Strongest of Bolivia dominated.

That’s some poetry, right there.