This goalkeeper scored an unreal late bicycle kick goal and had an amazing celebration


Baroka FC pulled off a 1-1 draw against Orlando Pirates, coming from behind to secure a point thanks to a 95th minute equalizer. That's exciting on its own, but this goal was the holy quadfecta, pulling together every single one of the best things in soccer.

95th minute equalizer making one set of supporters incredibly happy and pissing off everyone on the opposite side of the ball? CHECK.

The fabled and coveted goalkeeper goal? CHECK.

Outrageous bicycle kick? Slap a CHECK mark on that sucker.

Fire celebration? *Quickly scans rule book* OH YES, THAT IS A CHECK.

It's all that is good and beautiful about the game. It's everything that makes tiny children smile and adults live in peace and harmony. This is why this sport was invented.

Here's another view of the greatness:

Oscarine Masuluke will go down in the history books as the best goalkeeper who ever lived. I'm sorry Gianluigi Buffon, I'm sorry Manuel Neuer, I'm sorry Lev Yashin. Your legacy will forever be part of this game, but you have not achieved the sort of greatness Masuluke just pulled off. World Cups, Champions Leagues, those pale in comparison to the Holy Quad.

Remember where you were on this day.