There was a ‘Dab Cam’ at Wembley Stadium and people are absolutely horrified


Normally, the story from an England match following the ignominious ouster of a manager would be how the interim manager fared. Alas, Gareth Southgate's audition fell to back pages. English soccer fans had something far more pressing to concern themselves with: the “Dab Cam” at Wembley Stadium.

Yep, Wembley Stadium, the “Home of Football” resorted to the kitschy gimmick of putting spectators on the big screen and daring them to dab. The response from social media was understandably an overwhelming amount of head-shaking and face-palming.

Jesse Lingard (recent graduate of the “Dab Academy“) earned his first-ever England cap, but the 23-year-old caught a lot of heat for the “Dab Cam.”

Even though the dab has long been dead, eulogized, buried and thoroughly replaced, the fine folks at Wembley made the grave mistake of exhuming the remains and attempting to resurrect it. Maybe, finally, after all the backlash, this will be the last nail in the coffin for the erstwhile dance phenomenon.

Oh, and England won in Southgate's debut, beating Malta 2-0.