Theo fed up with fragile Gunners

Once again, the Gunners have wowed the Premier League with their

unique brand of attacking football that has won them plenty of

plaudits. But the England forward has had to endure the frustration

of Arsenal not holding on to winning positions in their last two

games against Tottenham and Liverpool. Walcott also highlights the

loss of their four-goal advantage at Newcastle as another low this

campaign and the defeat to Spurs in the earlier derby this season.

“It has been a disappointment of this season,” he told the Sunday

Telegraph. “You feel like you need to score three or four goals to

win at times. The Newcastle game… it shouldn’t happen, even if

you go down to 10 men. “If we want to be winning things, we can’t

let a lead like that slip. That’s what we have been doing too much

this season. “We have had lots of disappointing results. Spurs

beating us at home when we are 2-0 up was not good enough,

especially for the fans because that’s the one they look forward to

all year. “Hopefully we will learn from it. We have to. If we want

to win trophies we need to learn straight away. We can’t be using

the excuse of being young players. We’re experienced, we’ve played

in the Champions League. “We need to stand up for ourselves and

take responsibility at times, and I’m not sure we are always doing

that.” Much has been made of Wenger’s refusal to overhaul his squad

after a sixth consecutive term without a trophy. Wenger himself has

hinted that there will not be a fire sale at the Emirates in the

close season and Walcott believes it is players of a certain

character that they probably lack at present. “It’s good to keep

the whole team together and I’m sure there’ll be a few additions,”

he added. “A lot of people talk about the defence and the

goalkeeper and those issues. But we’ve got top players. We’ve got

Thomas Vermaelen coming back, which is great. “He’s out training

today. He’s a great leader. Maybe we need more leaders on the

pitch. Cesc [Fabregas] and Robin [van Persie] are the main two who

always try and inspire us. Samir [Nasri] as well. Maybe a few more

additions like that.”