The U.S. U-19s broke into a massive brawl while losing to Bahrain

The United States U-19 men’s national team lost 3-1 to Bahrain on Monday, crashing out of the group stage of the 2016 COTIF Tournament in Valencia, Spain. You’d think losing to Bahrain was the real story, but a massive bench-clearing brawl overshadowed everything soccer-related.

This was the last group stage match of the tournament, and with a win, the U.S. could’ve progressed to the semifinals. They’d previously beaten Spain 1-0 and hopes were flying high. Then Bahrain came along and ruined everything. 

The U.S. went down 3-1, and in stoppage time of the match, the USA’s Pierre Da Silva was tripped by a Bahraini player. As Da Silva went down under the tackle, an opposition player smashed the ball off his head and all hell broke loose. Da Silva’s teammates chased down the offending Bahraini, shoving him to the ground and tumbling over him. Predictably, his own teammates came to his rescue, both benches cleared, and everything went 0-100 real, real quick.

There has been no word from U.S. Soccer on any disciplinary action as of yet, but we’re pretty sure this isn’t the type of news Sunil Gulati, the president of U.S. Soccer, wants to come across his desk on a Monday.