The skill required for this ridiculous own goal is painful and hilarious

Preseason is a good time to work out the kinks on your team, but going off the evidence of this own goal, Poland’s Zaglebie Sosnowiec might have more than just kinks to worry about.

Zarko Udovicic pulled off this impressive feat against Stal Mielce with such aplomb; it defies words nearly as much as it defies physics.

Though purely unintentional (we hope), the technique is brilliant and ridiculous. From the left edge his own keeper’s penalty box, Udovicic managed to chip his keeper from a seemingly impossible angle and tuck the ball in on the far post. Oh, and he did it with the outside of his foot.

That’s the kind of stuff dreams are made of, or nightmares in this case. Udovicic was likely trying to hit a pass to his teammate, Marcin Sierczynski, and totally chunked it. Surely he wasn’t trying to lob his keeper. Either way, he’s got something for the blooper real that will be tough to top.

The rest of the match didn’t go so well for Zaglebie Sosnowiec, either. You can catch the own-goal around the 1:42 mark, and the rest of the lowlights for Udovicic & Co.

On to the next one!