The FA Cup final national anthem singer forgot to … sing

The rest of the world doesn’t sing the national anthem before every sporting event like they do in the United States. But for special events, they do. Like the FA Cup final, which crowns the cup champion of all of England and might as well be recognized as a national holiday.

So the British national anthem "God Save The Queen" is a pretty big deal at the FA Cup final. Except on Saturday, when singer Karen Harding forgot to, well, sing.

It’s hard to be a national anthem singer if you’re not going to, well, sing. That’s kind of in the job description. And job title.

Maybe there was something wrong with her ear piece, but the band wasn’t that far away and the stadium wasn’t deafening. You would think she’d hear something.

Instead, she stood there on a podium in the middle of one of the world’s most famous stadiums with 90,000 people watching and millions more tuning in worldwide. She eventually picked it up, but yikes … Someone get her a drink.