The Euro 2016 final was taken over by moths

Everything was set up for the Stade de France to look glorious for the Euro final. It’s a gorgeous stadium in the Paris suburbs and would be packed to the gils with 80,000 fans. Beautiful banners hung all over, a stage was set up for a pre-game show and fireworks were in place for the post-game celebrations. It was going to be a sight to see.

Then came the moths. A lot of moths.

Fans were ducking the bugs and players were trying to avoid them in warmups, while they covered the corner flags, goals and pretty much any surface they could get to.

Apparently the stadium’s lights were left on overnight, which attracted the moths and caused the insect invasion. So the beautiful European final was taken over by bugs and generally ruined the pre-game visuals that were months in the making. Not so great. But whoever wins the final won’t care. No moths can ruin a European championship.