Texas teen falls to his death in Cape Town tragedy

A 14-year-old American tourist in South Africa during the World

Cup plunged to his death from Table Mountain while hiking with his

family, police said Sunday.

The teenager was hiking down the top tourist attraction with his

brother and parents in wet conditions on Saturday when he slipped

on a trail known as Skeleton Gorge shortly after 2:00 pm (1200


“He slipped and he fell. As a result of the injuries he

sustained, he died immediately there,” said police spokesman Billy


Rescuers brought down the body and the family were assisted by

the department of tourism and the United States embassy, he


The family, who are from Texas, were vacationing in South Africa

and intended to watch some World Cup matches, said Jones.

They were hiking down the landmark Cape Town tourist site after

catching the mountain’s cable car to the top, he said.

The family have not been identified.

“We’ve been in touch with the family throughout,” U.S. consulate

spokesman Nathan Holt told AFP.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family and we are

grateful to the South African authorities for their excellent


Cape Town is known for wet winters with the thick mist commonly

shrouding the mountain’s flat top, which overlooks the city, known

as the peak’s tablecloth. The highest point on Table Mountain is

3,560 feet (1085 meters).