Tevez future questioned again

Suggestions that Tevez wishes to quit European football, or the

game as a whole, prematurely have become commonplace in recent

months and he was recently granted time off in Argentina after

team-mate Roque Santa Cruz said the striker was homesick.

Regardless of his off-field thoughts, Tevez remains an

indispensable figure for City on the pitch, inspiring their return

to the Champions League spots with some fine displays. The glitz

and glamour of the Premier League does not appear to satisfy Tevez

though. In the interview, Tevez reportedly said: “If you ask me, I

would love to have my old life back in my neighbourhood of Fuerte

Apache. I don’t want to play any more. “I’m tired of football but

I’m also tired of people who work in football. Football is only

about money and I don’t like it. “The young players think they have

won something in football because they have two cell phones and a

house. Today there are many bad people in the football business and

you have to fight with them all the time. I’m going to play

football for three or four years in Europe then I will quit.”

Expanding on his frustrations with the next generation of stars,

the 26-year-old added: “Today the young players have no education

at all and I don’t want to listen to them. “When I played in Boca,

when Martin Palermo or Juan Roman Riquelme talked, I listened to

them. So I don’t want a young player to ask me ‘why did you do

that?’ in the dressing room. I would punch them as I have won 13

titles in my career.”