Tevez tried to contact Mancini

Tevez travelled to his native country on Monday night to see his

family, and while Tuesday was a scheduled day off for the

27-year-old, he was due at City’s Carrington training ground on

Wednesday morning – but did not show up. The club have stressed

that it had been made clear to Tevez that he would be required to

come in, but it seems the striker believes he made every effort to

seek permission for his journey home. A spokesman said: “He tried

countless times to speak to Roberto Mancini. “He was told it was

Mancini’s decision as to whether or not he could go and left

numerous voice messages and texts on Mancini’s phone. “He didn’t

receive a response at all. He then flew to Argentina and tried to

speak to Mancini again yesterday, leaving messages and texts. “As

of this moment we’ve had no response.” The spokesman was not

prepared to comment on when Tevez is likely to return from South

America, and City are not yet able to say what punishment the

player may face. Today’s news comes just 24 hours after it emerged

that Tevez would not be appealing against the club’s ruling that he

was guilty of misconduct in the Champions League defeat to Bayern

Munich on September 27. City last month fined Tevez four weeks’

wages and suspended him for two weeks – deemed to have already been

served – after a disciplinary panel found the former Manchester

United man guilty of five breaches of contract relating to his

behaviour on the bench during the 2-0 loss at the Allianz Arena.

The Professional Footballers’ Association become involved, making

an intervention that saw the fine cut to two weeks’ wages, and

having backed Tevez on that occasion, PFA chief executive Gordon

Taylor has today expressed his dismay at the fresh turn of events.

“To say the least, I am very disappointed and extremely concerned

now,” Taylor told Sky Sports News. “To go out to Argentina when –

as I have been informed – he was clearly told not to because they

(City) needed to work on his fitness, and to blatantly ignore that

instruction starts to affect any chance of any reconciliation now.

“The whole relationship between clubs and players is one where

there has to be clear understanding of what is to be expected and

what is not expected. “From that point of view, he is making it

virtually impossible to have a reconciliation and leaving himself

very vulnerable to strong action by the club. “If he is determined

to leave the club, which may well be apparent, then his money value

is being diminished by his actions and can affect another club’s

interest. “As such, he could be held responsible for that, so it is

getting to be a situation that I am not at all happy about.

“Neither are the club of course, and it is one that we will have to

deal with.” Tevez was accused by Mancini of refusing to come on as

a substitute during the second half of match in Munich, but the

player denied the allegation and blamed a misunderstanding,

insisting he had merely refused to warm up – something he thought

unnecessary as he had already done so. He was suspended for two

weeks then began training alone while the matter was investigated,

and on October 25 City announced they were upholding a charge of

misconduct against him based on the panel’s findings. The PFA

fought Tevez’s corner to get the resulting sanctions reduced, but

Taylor is uncertain what now lies in store for the former City

captain. “I have been accused at times of defending the

indefensible,” Taylor said. “It is very difficult to now be in a

situation where we put our heads on the block. “I do feel very

disappointed to say the least that when I was hoping things could

move on, it has gone into reverse and now he is left in a position

that becomes very vulnerable. “The lad is digging himself a hole

and it is going deeper. It is a worry to me how we can now get out

of this. “He is a human being and a top-quality footballer, but his

actions are not what we could possibly recommend to any other

player in the game. “It goes to the heart of the contract and that

could be gross misconduct in anybody’s language. “I don’t want to

predetermine, but I am very concerned because it is a serious

situation and one that the PFA are not happy about.” Tevez’s future

with City remains unclear, although Mancini did recently suggest

the frontman – who was the club’s top scorer and skipper last term

as they won the FA Cup, but has fallen out of favour since his

failed attempt to secure a transfer over the summer – could yet

return to the team if he apologises. Tevez has only made five

appearances for City this season, with the last coming on September

21, and he has not been selected by Argentina for their World Cup

qualifying double header against Bolivia and Colombia during the

current international break.