Terry urges fans to think big

Blues skipper Terry has urged supporters to back the board’s bid to

repurchase the freehold of Stamford Bridge. The England defender

spoke out amid what appeared to be growing opposition to owner

Roman Abramovich’s attempt to buy the land the club sold to Chelsea

Pitch Owners – who are made up mostly of fans – in the 1990s. That

plan has been seen as a precursor to a move to a new 60,000-seater

stadium and although Terry loves Stamford Bridge, he believes

relocation would be in the Blues’ best interests both on and off

the field. He told the club’s official website: “For us to have a

bigger pitch would be a big benefit. “We have suffered from this at

the Bridge in the last few years when clubs come and ‘park the

bus’, as we often say. “We find it a little difficult to break them

down at times but with a bigger stadium and a bigger pitch, with

the quality we have in the squad and the quality we are aiming to

have in the future, that would certainly serve us well. “Looking at

Arsenal and Man United, they are getting a lot more income due to

their capacity than us without an owner dipping into his own

pocket, like Roman has done consistently year after year.” Terry,

who is also CPO president, declared fans had no reason to doubt

Abramovich’s motives, insisting the billionaire had always put the

club first since rescuing it from financial turmoil eight years

ago. He said: “We have to put our trust in Roman. “He is Chelsea

through and through and he certainly wouldn’t have put the money in

and shown the attention to detail that he has done over the last

eight years, only to suddenly now stop doing what he believes is

best for the club. “He realises that, without the fans, Chelsea is

nothing. “I am one of them, my kids are too, and I want to be part

of that for the next 40 to 50 years. “When Roman says that if we do

move, he wants it to be within a three-mile radius, we have to

trust him, and the people underneath him. “Knowing the board as I

do, I am sure they will answer questions fans have as honestly as

they can.” Chelsea have already responded to many supporters’

concerns with a Q&A on their own website, while chairman Bruce

Buck was expected to meet with fan representatives for a second

time today. Several supporters groups have united to form a

campaign called ‘Say No CPO’ and plan to hand out 10,000 leaflets

before Saturday’s Barclays Premier League game with Everton urging

a no vote at the October 27 extraordinary general meeting which

will see CPO determine their own fate. The club need 75 per cent of

those attending or voting by proxy to agree to sell the land

beneath Stamford Bridge to the club, something Chelsea, who have

yet to decide whether to move, insist must happen if they are ever

to do so. Many of those who plan to vote no say they are not

against relocation but believe they need more time to consider all

the options.