Terry targets Blues win over Bolton

Manchester United’s goalless draw with Blackburn on Sunday has

presented the Blues with the chance to set-up a four-point lead at

the top of the table. Chelsea have already squandered numerous

chances to pull away from their rivals this season but this time

Terry is determined they will not make the same mistakes again. “We

are playing well, the confidence is high,” said Terry. “We have let

the lead in the league slip once and we are determined not to let

it slip again. “It is three years since we won the Premier League

and we are really determined to get it back to the Bridge. “We have

seen the team working hard in the last four or five weeks and that

is the key. “The quality has always been there and always will be

in the top four or five teams in the Premier League but if we can

work hard, win our tackles and do the basics very well then we

should be ok. If we can win our games, there is nothing anybody

else can do.”