Terry issues will affect England – RM

Terry is scheduled to meet England coach Fabio Capello after

allegations in the media about his private life. Calls for the

defender to be stripped of the captaincy have been criticised as a

“witch hunt” by England Under-21 coach Stuart Pearce, one of

Capello’s assistants in the senior squad. But Martinez said there

would be an obvious consequence of Terry’s situation. When asked if

issues off the pitch should have an effect on it, the Spaniard

said: “In a way, yes. “As a captain you represent a group of

individuals and if that (off-field issues) affects the respect the

other individuals have in you it is going to have an effect. “That

is down to the manager and players to make that decision. Only

Fabio Capello, John Terry and the players know that relationship.

“But when you have such a public role you are going to be affected

by it. “Being a captain is a very intense role and is something

which has no margin for error because the role you have on the

pitch, in your football club, is more important than your private