Terry: Fatigue not to blame

England coach Capello on Saturday blamed the sloppy performance on

fatigue, with many of his side having played more than 50 games

this season. But captain Terry, who on Saturday completed a

half-century of matches for club and country this term, completely

rejected that theory, saying: “We’re certainly not going to come

out here and use an excuse like that. “We’ve had 50, 60 games this

year so another game’s not going to make any difference at all.”

Chelsea skipper Terry cited a first-half malaise as the key factor

behind yesterday’s result, with England falling 2-0 down to a pair

of soft Tranquillo Barnetta free-kicks. “They weren’t particularly

good free-kicks at all, either of them,” said the defender. “We

should deal with stuff like that. “The first one, there’s enough of

us in the box to clear it, and it’s gone straight in. So

disappointed with that one. “I haven’t seen the second one. But

it’s not about digging out individuals. “We work on that as a team

and collectively we take that responsibility. “We’re out there

together, we win together and we lose together. We were after a

result, which we clearly didn’t get, so we’re going away very

disappointed.” England immediately pulled a goal back through Frank

Lampard’s penalty and Ashley Young came off the bench to equalise

early in the second half. Darren Bent then wasted two glorious

chances – the second a virtual open goal – to seal all three

points. Terry said: “Unlucky. I thought Youngy made a big

difference when he came on as well, with his goal and with the

chance for Benty. “Some days they go in and other days they don’t.

“I thought we showed an awful lot of character to come back in the

game and give ourselves a few chances to go on and win it. “First

half, we didn’t really get out of the blocks and the tempo was a

little bit slow. “I thought the way we played second half was quite

encouraging and I thought we had enough chances to go on and win

the game 3-2 or 4-2. “We didn’t get the luck we deserved but we’ve

got three games left and hope to win all three.” Montenegro failed

to make England pay on Saturday night by dropping two points

themselves in a 1-1 draw against Bulgaria. The two sides therefore

remain level on points going into their final three qualifiers, one

of which will see England travel to Podgorica. “We’re right in the

race still,” said Terry. “We still need to go there and that now

becomes a must-win game, so we’re looking forward to that.” The

Montenegro match looks like deciding the group. “Absolutely – it

was always looking like that anyway,” said Terry after what was his

final game of the season. The 30-year-old is now “looking forward”

to a holiday ahead of next season’s exertions. “We get three-four

weeks off now, so go away, have a couple of weeks off and get going

again,” he said. “We need to get going again and pick up a win

after this.”