Terry considers legal action

A blurred image of a person looking extremely like Terry has

appeared on the packets above a “smoking kills” warning. A

spokesman for Elite Management, which represents Terry, said no

permission had been given for the use of the defender’s image in

promotion of an anti-smoking drive in India. Their statement read:

“It’s been brought to our attention that an image of our client

(Terry) has been used on some cigarette packaging without our

consent or knowledge. We’ve now instructed our legal team to

investigate this matter.” KS Dhatwalia, additional secretary of the

Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity, told the Indian

Express it was “not clear” how the image had been used. “We sent

the creative to the health ministry and they then cleared it and

circulated it,” he said. “But how Terry’s picture got to be used is

not clear.”