Teammates escape sanctions for feigned kiss

Soccer players pretending to kiss each other may be frowned upon

in Mexico, but it’s not a punishable offense.

The Mexican Football Federation said Tuesday it will not take

any action against two male players who feigned a smooch following

a goal. The decision comes a day after Alfonso Sabater, the head of

the federation’s disciplinary commission, said the image was not

setting a ”good example.”

America player Christian Benitez and teammate Matias Vuoso

pantomimed a kiss after Benitez scored the final goal that gave

their team a 3-2 victory over Puebla. Benitez covered Vuoso’s mouth

with his hand before pretending to kiss him during Sunday’s


”This kind of image cannot be allowed before the public, fans,

children. It cannot be seen as a good example,” Sabater said.

He said he would send a letter to America officials expressing

his opinion.

However, the president of America said it was only a joke.

”It was nothing prepared, just spontaneous,” Ricardo Pelaez

told the newspaper Reforma. ”A goal is the most explosive moment

in a match. I don’t see it as something bad. They are great