Syria kick-start Japan shellacking with comedic own goal

In the face!

Kaz Photography/Getty Images

You’ve got to feel for Syria.

Amid a day chock-full of World Cup qualifiers, one of the more resounding results played out at Saitama Stadium, where Japan thumped Syria, 5-0, to cement their status as top dogs in the Asian region.

The rout featured a flurry of goals in the final four minutes, but it was the opener that turned all the heads in this one.

With the hosts lining up a corner kick in the 17th minute, any and all semblance of basic defending went awry as Syrian goalkeeper Ibrahim Alma came off his line and punched the ball straight into the path of Hamdi Al Masri. What ensued is all sorts of funny. Take a look (and be sure to stick around for the slow-mo replay at the end):

Ouch! This is surely in the mix for own goal of the season.