Swiss 1954 World Cup star Robert Ballaman dies

The Swiss Football Association says former national team captain

Robert Ballaman died on Sept. 5 after a long illness. He was aged


Ballaman got two goals in the highest scoring match ever at a

World Cup finals tournament, among his 18 goals in 50 appearances

for Switzerland from 1948-61.

Host nation Switzerland lost 7-5 to Austria in a 1954

quarterfinals match in Lausanne that was played in searing


Ballaman opened the scoring with a powerful long-range shot and

the Swiss led 3-0 after 19 minutes before fading in the heat.

He captained his country for the next seven years.

Ballaman won the Swiss championship three times, with Biel in

1947 and Grasshoppers in 1952 and 56.