Swans still in dark over duo

The Premier League new boys agreed deals to sign Halliche on loan

from Fulham and French midfielder Situ on transfer deadline day.

However, Swansea have yet to find out if FIFA have officially

sanctioned the deals leaving both players in limbo. Swansea have

not given up hope that the pair could still be available to make

their debuts against West Brom this weekend but chairman Huw

Jenkins revealed he is growing increasingly frustrated at the

situation. “We are hoping to get some information on the two

signings very soon,” Jenkins told the South Wales Evening Post.

“This situation is not ideal, and we just want to know one way or

the other now. “This is an issue that we’ve been discussing for a

long time – the fact that in some cases, like the Fulham transfer,

we get discriminated against. “When we are trying to complete deals

for players, we have to go through additional processes that other

clubs in our league do not because any transfer between England and

Wales is viewed as an international transfer.”