Sully: Takeover talk nonsense

Allardyce was unveiled as the man Sullivan and partner David Gold

had chosen to spearhead the club’s attempts to return to the

Premier League on Wednesday. He agreed a two-year deal with the

Upton Park club but, hours after his appointment, businessman Tony

Fernandes wrote on his Twitter account that he was making a bid for

the club. Having already been sacked by owners that did not employ

him twice, Allardyce expressed his surprise at the news, but

Sullivan says he has nothing to worry about. He told The Sun: “The

whole thing is nonsense. I can assure Sam he has an unbreakable

two-year contract and he is the perfect man for the job. “I can

only think the motivation for this ‘takeover’ bid is PR. If there

was a genuine Russian billionaire out there willing to pump

hundreds of billions of pounds into West Ham then we’d step aside

for the good of the club. “But when someone offers to buy your club

for buttons and does it via Twitter it is most unhelpful at a time

when we are trying to rebuild West Ham.”