Sullivan hits out at Yeung ‘sour grapes’

West Midlands Police confirmed officers from its economic crime

team met representatives from Birmingham to discuss concerns raised

by the club over alleged financial irregularities in its accounts.

But a police spokesman said: “After careful consideration and

examination regarding concerns raised by representatives of

Birmingham City FC, we have now advised the club that we do not

feel there is any criminal matter to be further investigated.”

Former Blues owner Sullivan, who sold his interest in the club to

Yeung earlier in the year, said the allegations had wasted police

time. He said: “There can be no allegation of wrongdoing.

Birmingham City was a plc, run by professionals and properly

audited. “If Mr Yeung and co have any issues they should deal

directly with us, and not through the press or through the police,

who have enough to do investigating serious crimes. “I almost feel

we should collectively apologise to the police for wasting their

time on this matter. “The detectives have been dragged into what I

can only imagine was a case of sour grapes.” Sullivan thanked the

police for their professionalism and speed in dealing with the

matter and called on Mr Yeung to now move on. He added: “Football

clubs are very complex businesses and there were always going to be

detailed accounts to consolidate. “New owners cannot just come in

and retrospectively decide that the price of purchase was too high.

If there are any matters they want to discuss, as long as they are

reasonable, my door is always open. “That is the way I will operate

with them… in a civil way over what is a civil matter.”