Suarez not looking to leave Ajax

Uruguay international Suarez has scored 78 goals in 99 games for

the Amsterdammers, a record which has brought him to the attention

of most of Europe’s top clubs. But he insists he will only leave

the cash-strapped Eredivisie outfit if he gets an offer which is

right for him and his young family. He told NUsport: “Ajax’s

financial position is the only reason I’m even thinking of a

transfer. “But if I leave Ajax, I will go to a club where ‘real

football is played’. “I have never asked for a transfer. If I felt

I was finished here I would say that but I don’t. “I can achieve

what I want here. We must win the (domestic) championship and do

something in the Champions League. “I would give anything for Ajax.

“I would have no problem with playing for this club for many years

to come.” Suarez has recently become a father and that is also a

major factor in his eagerness to remain in Amsterdam. “My wife

Sofia has said she prefers to stay here with the baby,” he said.

“If the baby was older it would be easier to move but now is not

the time for big changes. “It is perhaps too early to say but Ajax

seems a good club with which to finish my career.”