Suarez ignores diving storm

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is paying little attention to the

diving storm surrounding him, telling his critics to “focus on

their own team”.

The Uruguay international incurred the wrath of Tony Pulis on

Saturday, with the Stoke City boss accusing Suarez of going to

ground too easily inside the penalty area.

FIFA have joined the debate, with vice-president Jim Boyce

calling on the Football Association to take action after seeing

simulation become “a cancer within the game”.

Suarez, though, is currently away on international duty and has

shrugged off the storm which continues to rage in England, with his

attention locked on upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

“Everyone should focus on their own team,” he told Ovacion.

“Those who want to talk can do so, I am not worried about what

they say.

“They can keep talking and in the meantime I will keep on

playing football and taking care of my team and what I do. Nothing

else matters.”

Suarez says that as long as he has the full support of Reds boss

Brendan Rodgers, then the opinion of rival coaches and players

matters little.

He added: “The support of the coach is very important to me and

that’s what I really care about.”