Storrie puts faith in SA consortium

The Premier League strugglers desperately need to find a buyer

before next month’s date with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs

over an unpaid tax bill. The club asked the Premier League for

permission to sell their players outside of the transfer window in

a bid to ease their debts, but that request was turned down. But

Storrie now hopes that the consortium will be able to provide the

club with proof of funds on Monday. He told Sky Sports News: “At

the end of the day we need to have it from the bank, we need to see

that the funds are there and they can take it forward. We need to

see it, the Premier League need to see it, everybody needs to see

that there are funds there. “The bank information will come through

their lawyers, proof of funds from their banks to (owner) Balram

Chainrai’s lawyers and if that happens the phone call will come and

we will be all systems go tomorrow night, but at this moment it is

out of our hands and in the South African group’s hands.” But

Storrie did admit that he was slightly sceptical of the move

following the takeovers by Sulaiman Al Fahim and Ali Al Faraj,

where neither had the capital to take the club forward. “I would

hope (the deal goes through) but you never know for sure. We all

have to take responsibility for the situation at the club. But we

are all employees of this club and you can only go by what people

have told you. “In the past we had Sulaiman putting forward to fans

groups that he had x million lined up to come into the club and Ali

Al Faraj did the same thing and they didn’t so you are always

sceptical, but you are also hopeful as all we want is this football

club to survive.” Storrie was also keen to reassure fans that

should a deal not be completed on Monday, the club do have other

options available to them. He continued: “We have other irons in

the fire and other options available. There is another group, not

as advanced as the South African group, but they could be very

quickly. It’s not dead until it’s dead is my philosophy in life and

we will work through the next few days to keep the club alive.”

Chainrai’s spokesman, Phil Hall, sounded a more cautious view. He

said: “There has got be an end to all this speculation. Balram is a

very experienced businessman and nothing will be done until the

funds are in place. He met the South Africans on Friday but until

we see proof of funds there will be no move forwards.” Hall also

revealed that Chainrai had used his own money to pay off an Inland

Revenue bill last month. “Balram has put £17million of his own

money in and as recently as January he paid a £4million Inland

Revenue bill. He has stayed strong and put the money in. We hope

the South African group will come forward but we are not pinning

our hopes on this,” he added. “He absolutely pledges that he will

not do business unless people have the funds and if he can’t find

investment he will find a way of saving the club himself. “He will

bring his business contacts into play and he says categorically the

club well not close and it’s history will continue into the